Monday, October 18, 2010

ARE FEMALE STUDENT-ATHLETES getting the attention they need to be successful in their sport?

Male and female athletes may spend their time on different playing fields, but the way athletic budgets are often set up leaves many wondering when female athletes will have a fair shot at succeeding on the field. After Title IX was passed in 1972 and fully enforced in the 1980s, it was meant to give female athletes and their sports more control in a male-dominated industry. Since the 1990s, even more laws have been passed to give female athletes equity in athletic programs, specifically handling female scholarships, facilities, scheduling and other forms of athletic support. Despite all the efforts for a lot of female athletes are neglected in their athletic development which results in female student-athletes not reaching their true ATHLETIC POTENTIAL and/or a CAREER ENDING INJURY .

It is SAD to say, but we are not taking care, we are not developing and we are not paying enough attention to our female student-athletes. Female student-athletes have 4 to 10 times more ACL injuries than male student-athletes have. The reasons for the different rates of injury in male and female are not clear, but some theories include differences in anatomy, physiology, knee alignment, and/or ligament laxity. To be honest with you, those theories are probably true; but can we really change the anatomy and physiology of the female student-athlete? No! The best prevent/reduction measure we can do is to offer our female student-athletes the same (if not better) SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING program we offer to our male student-athletes.

Do you have daughter that plays sports, and is she prepared for the season? Would you like to find out? If so come into your local Athletic Republic for an Athletic Assessment. This
assessment will allow us to screen you daughter's "energy leaks" and determine if she is fit to play.

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