Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shorter People More Prone to Heart Attatcks

Body size has a lot to do with longevity and the risk ofheart attack.

A study from the University of Tampre Finland found that men shorter than 5'6" and women shorter than 5 feet were 1.5 times more likely to develop coronary artery disease than taller people and had a 52 percent higher chance of dying prematurely from all causes.

The researchers speculate that smaller people have smaller arteries that are more easily clogged with plague. Their conclusion was based on a meta analysis of 52 studies. Shorter people should pay extra attention to modifiable risk factors of heart disease such as lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and high-fat diets.

(European Heart Journal, 31:1802-1809, 2010)

Watermelon Lemonade

Serving: 6 ounces

6 cups 1-inchcubes seedless watermelon (from about a 5lbs melon)
1 bottle (10oz) 365 Everyday Value®
Organic Lemon Juice
6 cups water
¾ cup cane sugar
Crushed ice
Mint sprigs, for garnish

Working in batches as necessary, puree watermelon and lemon j
uice in blender until smooth; transfer to a large container. Add water and sugar; stir until dissolved. Pour over ice in tall glasses, garnish with mint and thin slices of watermelon, if desired and serve.

Nutrition per serving:
60 Calories (0g from fat)
0g total fat
0g saturated fat
0mg cholesterol
0mg sodium
15mg total carbohydrate (0g dietary fiber, 13g sugar)
0g protein

Question of the Week:

Q: What is the difference between chin-ups and pulldowns?

A: Of course, there's the obvious: With chin-ups you pull your body weight upward and with pull-downs you pull a weight downwards. However, there is no immediate difference between the muscles worked; both moves hit your latisimus dorsi as well as your rhomboids, teres major and minor, biceps and core. There is a big difference in difficulty though, with pull-ups being more challenging. Since a pulldown station allows you to change the weight, you can adjust it to suit your ability level, which makes it ideal it ideal for beginners. With chin-ups, however, you're moving the weight of your own body, which requires a ton of body and grip strength to perform. To develop adequate pull-up strength, try using an assited pull-up machine at your local gym or utilize a Superband to alleviate some of your body weight.


"Pain is temporary, quiting last forever."

-Lance Armstrong